Cyber Incident Response Services

Dtectt provides a trusted Digital forensic services and post-disaster technology solutions.

Our Methodology

At Dtectt, we believe our expertise is best utilized in the context of your cyber breach response team. To that end, we are available to help you or your clients prepare your response plan, and be positioned as trusted advisors on your team; well prepared to respond with Computer Forensics Analysis when needed. The application of sound Digital Forensics analysis is a critical component to any defensible cyber response.

Dtectt has expertise to perform cyber incident response services to address the following Cyber Risks:

  • Data Loss
  • Trade Secret/Intellectual Property Theft
  • Content Injury
  • Extortion
  • Network Loss or Damage/Hacker Malfeasance
  • Business Interruption
  • Accidental Loss
  • Internal Usage Policy Violations